Scraps of Thought...

Oi! Sleep, where are you?

It’s 4.09am and Sleep still hasn’t come home. So I’m lying here worrying and checking my phone as if Sleep might have sent me a text or a tweet or maybe even an email to say ‘Hey, I’m gonna be a little late tonight,’ or ‘I’ve met someone and I’m going to stay at hers but I’ve asked Insomnia to drop by and keep you company.’

I love Sleep, I really do but every now and again it does this to me and I wish I could tell Sleep to go to hell, that I don’t need to put up with this shit anymore but we’d both know that’s a lie.

I need Sleep. I love Sleep. I just wish it felt the same way about me. I also wish it would stop sending Insomnia round to keep me company ‘cause truth be told Insomnia is kind of a jerk.