Scraps of Thought...

Scraps of thought... Seo 's siúd, tá fhios agat fhéin!
I like!

A book with that title MUST be read. An account of how bonkers ideas and exhaustion can sometimes be worth it. #reading #NickAsbury #ExitPursuedByABadger

A mini trampoline has appeared in one of the empty offices at work. There is also a purple exercise ball. No one knows where they came from. I’d like to think it’s our quirky office ghosts on a health kick.

I’m more disturbed by the sound of Barbara Streisand crooning 'You don't bring me flowers…' which is currently coming from the kitchen.

Scraps of Thought… turned 2 today!

This was yesterday. I celebrated by forgetting my Tumblr password.


Long time no post, eh? Was pleasantly surprised to discover so many messages on my tumblr return. I do still exist. Most days anyway. I will eventually post something that might be of some interest/entertainment value for you (I hope).

In the meantime, here, look at some cute sheep!

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I don’t want everyone to like me; I should think less of myself if some people did
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Round of applause for warm sunny evenings in a pretty surroundings